Our mission is to provide comfortable & clean accommodation for all our guests. We work extremely hard to maintain high standards.


We have put together some FAQs to help you understand our cleaning standards. 

How do you prepare each cottage? Following the departure of a guest's party, the cottage will be stripped of linen, towels and any other items that they might have left. The cottage is then thoroughly cleaned - dusted, mopped, polished, washed and tidied. The last stage is to prepare it for the next guest's arrival using freshly laundered bedding, towels and welcome gifts.

    What do you expect guests to do prior to their departure? We would like all guests to leave the cottage as they find it, taking into account normal usage during their stay. This simply means tidying up, cleaning up any excess mess, putting items away and removing any rubbish or other items they may have brought with them.

    What if something is damaged or broken during the stay? We know accidents happen - things get damaged or get worn out. We ask that all guests let us know if something does get damaged or is broken during their stay. That way we can arrange for it to be repaired or replaced before the next guest arrives. 

    Do you provide cooking ingredients in the cottages - salt, pepper, oil, herbs etc? As a normal rule, we don't leave any cooking ingredients within the cottages. These are removed at the end of each guest's stay with us.  If you need anything during your stay you are welcome to ask if we have something you can use.

    How do you look after the pool? Our pool is cleaned and chemical levels are checked regularly. We are happy to talk to you about how and when this happens during your stay with us. 

    What should I do if I am not happy about something? We welcome guests talking to us - pop over to the office during your stay. We will do our best to rectify anything you aren't happy about. Remember it's better to ask during the stay so we can try and sort it out than make a complaint following!